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If you ski Nordic style -- whether you're an intermediate or an expert -- you owe yourself at least one trip to the Rendezvous Huts. This is a semi-backcountry experience and even though this is a groomed trail, snow and weather conditions can change rapidly and you should be able to ski all conditions.

Our huts are simple and cozy frame buildings that sleep up to 8 people. Each is equipped with a full Kitchen (propane cook stove, lighters, matches, pots, pans, sufficient utensils) a wood stove heater and fuel, sleeping pads, propane lights, and a sanitary outhouse. In general, the main floor has a 48" double bunk bed and a single sitting/sleeping shelf by the fire. Upstairs, is additional sleeping, for 5 to 6 persons. Each hut varies slightly. The huts can be rented for overnight use, and they are also available to all day-use skiers as a warming hut.

Firewood is stockpiled at the huts. Water (5 gallons), and trash removal is handled with freight hauls. Those who choose not to have freight haul may need to boil water.

You may ski the hut and trail system from one hut to another, or travel loops on interconnecting trails. There is a TRAIL PASS FEE for every day that you ski the trail system. Passes are sold at several different establishments in downtown Winthrop and around the Valley.

Dogs are welcome at Heifer, Rendezvous, and Grizzly huts only. For details on dog-friendly ski trails in the Rendezvous area, please see the Methow Trails website.


Greetings hut guests. We hope this letter finds you healthy and as well as can be. We'd like to inform you about our plans for the winter season in order for you and your group to have time to make an informed decision about traveling and staying in the huts during these uncertain times.

We have been open for summer operations since June. With new cleaning procedures in place, we have had great success keeping our guests and staff safe. However, we will face new challenges during the winter season.

We will be open this winter with procedures and rules that we hope will only affect your experience minimally, while keeping you, our staff and our local community safe. I’ll layout below what we are going to do and what we need you to do.

Hut Policies and Procedures:

NEW freight drop-off, hut check-in and check-out times. We are implementing a firm check out and check-in time in order to thoroughly clean and sanitize the huts between groups. We need guests to be OUT of the hut by 10:30 am on their day of departure. Freight haulers will arrive between 10:30 am to 11:00 am to grab gear. We ask that all gear be ready and stacked outside the hut, to minimize exposure to our staff during freight hauls. We aim to have gear back at Cub Creek by 12:00. Guests heading IN need to be at Cub Creek by 10:00 am with gear ready to go. If you need other arrangements please text Ben @ 509-429-3644. It’s the easiest way to get in touch as we’re in and out of service all day. New this year is a charge for later hauls in, to cover additional staff time and gas. If you’re arriving later than 10:00 am, we’ll add $45 dollars to your freight fee.

Cleaning procedures: Cleaning procedures: All touch surfaces in the huts will be wiped down with a CDC approved cleaner. We will not have coversheets on the mattresses this year. We will use an electrostatic mister with a CDC approved solution throughout the hut. Staff will wear masks while inside the hut. We are charging a cleaning fee of $45 per reservation to partially cover these added costs.

Amenity changes:Dishes are back! I repeat dishes are back! Please wash the dishes before leaving, unwashed dishes will incur a $45 dollar fee. It really is a pain in the butt for us to do it and it’s not good hut etiquette! Please do not leave extra items or food, thinking the next group may use it.

We’ve got a bunch of new games and puzzles at all the huts but do continue to bring your own if you’d like.

Day-use changes: There will be no day-use at the huts, including guests visiting other huts. We will have warming stations outside the huts for day-users and prolific signage. Please be firm about this rule if someone asks to come in. Obviously, emergencies are an exception.

What we need you to do:

Group-size guidelines: We highly recommend knowing who’s in your group and their vaccination status. Ultimately, the make-up of your group is your responsibility and you assume all the risk associated with that decision. Please understand that the decisions you make can affect not only our staff and community but could completely shut down our operation for a period of time.

COVID guidelines and cancellations: If anyone has had contact with an infected person within 14 days of your stay, DO NOT COME. If any guests are experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19, before or during your trip, DO NOT STAY. Err on the side of caution, please. Our cancellation policies will be extremely flexible to encourage cancellations for these reasons. We will refund your stay minus credit card fees. If any COVID cases are contact traced back to the huts we will shut all huts down for 14 days. No exceptions.

Hut etiquette: Despite having a dedicated cleaner, we still need help from our guests to keep the huts clean during and after your stay. Our guests have always done a great job with this and we need your continued dedication to make this season successful.

Methow Trails: Methow Trails will continue to groom and care for the Rendezvous Trail System this year. Please ensure you purchase your trail passes for the entirety of your stay before arriving at the trailhead. Check out for contact-free purchase options.

Questions or Concerns with our COVID policies?
Please call Rendezvous Huts directly (NOT Methow Reservations).

Rendezvous Huts

Common Amenities
Sleeping Pads
Propane Lights
Sanitary Outhouse
Propane Cook Stove and Oven
Wood Stove Heater and Fuel
Pots, Pans, and Utensils
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